WeChat Login Online & Sign Up: WeChat Web for PC

This guide is about how to do WeChat Online Login, and one can also use the WeChat Web with the guide given on this website.

If you have been using WeChat application mainly for all your social messaging tasks, then you should start using the same app right on your computer or laptop and even on Mac systems. Whether you are using the app on Android device or an iOS one, the app can be used on computer online. Here is what you need to know about WeChat web login version i.e. how to use Web WeChat.

This is not a recent edition as this facility is available for a long time. You simply need to have an active WeChat account for this and in no time, you will be able to use WeChat on a computer using the WeChat web feature.

Web Wechat

WeChat Online Login Web:

This application is free to use, and so does this feature. You need to make sure that the WeChat application you are using on your Android or iOS device is updated to its latest version. If not, then update it first.

  1. After the updating part, you need to start your computer or laptop or Mac and open the Browser software you use. I recommend using Chrome or Firefox mainly.
  2. Open this website then web.WeChat.com, this is the official web page for the PC version of the application.
  3. Once the webpage is opened, you will see a QR code. Now you need to scan this code using the phone device you have.
  4. In Android, tap on three dots in upper right corner and tap on ‘Scan QR Code’ while in the case of iOS, tap on ‘+’ symbol and then tap on the ‘Scan QR Code’ button.
  5. Once the scanning is done (using the rear camera of your device), your device will be logged in with the account. Now, you need to confirm the same on your application on your phone.

Done! The process is over, and I am sure you did find everything working and that too without any issues or errors.

WeChat Web Login

Features of WeChat Online:

Here I am presenting the features of this app which makes it unique and completely different than other applications.

All your data with the application will be kept synchronized, and you won’t find any issues whatsoever using it. But, make sure that the active internet connection is there between your phone and your computer. Otherwise, it will not work.

You don’t need to learn anything new to use WeChat Web service because the layout is simple enough and just concentrated on the messaging. There are limited features available in this format, but it does the work which we need, i.e. sending quick messages right from our computer using a keyboard instead of picking our device again and again while working.

This is the WeChat Online Web Login version which you are aware of now, and I am sure you loved this method. If not, then let me know the reason which particular thing you didn’t liked or wanted to have. Even if you face any issues then let me know it via discussion section, and I will come up with a dedicated solution ASAP. Peace.

Even if you face any issues then let me know it via discussion section, and I will come up with a dedicated solution ASAP.

And think that you enjoyed this guide and if are facing any issue or problem then kindly let me know about it so that I can find working solution for the same.